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Regional Championship Qualifiers

Earn your invitation to the Regional Championship to compete for your share of a $130,000 prize pool, Pro Tour Invitations, and a chance to qualify for the pinnacle of Magic competition—the Magic: The Gathering World Championships!
Test your skills at your local WPN store’s Regional Championship Qualifier!

United States Regional Championships

Season 3 -Round 1

Event Date

October 5-6. 2024

Event Location

SCG CON Washington DC

The United States Regional Championships are invitation-only Magic: The Gathering events held three times each year at SCG CON events. Players can qualify by playing in Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs), hosted by WPN and WPN Premium game stores. Top finishers at each Regional Championship earn cash prizes, as well as qualification for the Pro Tour and World Championship.

The Regional Championships will be held at SCG CON Washington DC on October 5th and 6th. Last Chance Qualifiers will be held on Friday, October 4th.

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Qualified Players

Season 3 - Round 1

Players that qualify for the United States Regional Championships at SCG CON Washington DC at RCQ events will be automatically preregistered for the event on once they are submitted as a Qualified player by the organizer of the event where they qualified.

Players who qualify through Magic Online, Magic Arena, or who are qualified directly by Wizards of the Coast will be preregistered at the conclusion of the season when that information is provided to Star City Games.

To confirm your attendance, simply complete the registration process here. Deck lists for the Season 3 - Round 1 Regional Championships at SCG CON Washington DC are due by 6:00 pm on Friday, October 4th, 2024.

If you believe that you should be qualified, but are not preregistered by August 1st, 2024, please email [email protected].

WPN Store RCQ Promotional Items

Regional Qualifiers Season 3 Round 1 Promo

Season 3 - Round 1

April 20 - July 21, 2024

Players in this round can earn the following promotional items:

Destination Events Promotional Items

Foil Springleaf Drum Promo

This special Foil Springleaf Drum Promo is only available at Destination Events. Check out the organizers below for a chance to get yours!

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SCG CON Washington DC

The World’s Premier Trading Card Game Conventions.
Open entry events will be available all weekend including Last Chance Qualifiers, a $10K Open, and Two $5K Opens along with several opportunities to earn an invitation to the next Regional Championship.
Interested in playing with 100 card decks? We’ll have Commander Celebration packages available that provide access to our Command Zone.
Looking for something new? SCG CON has you covered with a full schedule of events for several Trading Card Games.

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