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Regional Championship Qualifiers

Read the FAQ below to find out more about Regional Championships and Championship Qualifiers.

WPN Retailer FAQ

1. When will Star City Games take over scheduling United States RCQ event?

Season 3 Round 1 SCG RCQ Event Kits will go on sale March 8th 2024. The scheduling window for RCQ events is April 20 – July 21, 2024. Format is Pioneer.

2. How do I apply to purchase United States RCQ events for my store?

WPN Retailers can apply to host RCQ events now on

3. How many United States RCQ events can I host?

  • All WPN stores may host three (3) United States RCQs per round.
  • WPN store RCQs award one (1) qualification and require the purchase of one (1) kit per event.
  • WPN Premium store RCQs award two (2) qualifications and require the purchase of two (2) kits per event.
  • Round dates are determined by Wizards of the Coast but stores may always run three (3) events regardless of the length of the round.

4. How do I schedule United States RCQ events that I have purchased?

The "Regional Championship Qualifier" template will appear in your EventLink 1-2 Weeks after purchasing your kit on You will need to create the event in EventLink using that template to have it appear as a Regional Championship Qualifier in the Wizards Locator.

5. What do I need to know about running a United States RCQ at my store?

  • RCQ events must be scheduled within the time frame provided for each round.
  • RCQ events must be created in EventLink using the "Regional Championship Qualifier" template and run through EventLink.
  • Registration must be open to the public. Event capacity may only be restricted by space considerations.
  • RCQ events must be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.
  • The minimum number of players to run an RCQ is eight (8)
  • Decklists are required for RCQ events.
  • Rounds for RCQ events are determined by the Magic Tournament Rules (Appendix E)
  • Product for Sealed RCQ events must match the Play Booster Mix for Limited Tournaments in the Magic Tournament Rules (Appendix D).

6. What will be in the United States RCQ Kit when Star City Games takes over the program?

To provide retailers and players with a smooth transition, the Season 3 Round 1 Event Kits will remain very similar.

  • Thirty-Two (32) Promotional cards to be distributed at Organizer Discretion. All cards must be distributed to players registered for the RCQ event.
  • Eight (8) Promotional cards to be distributed to the Top 8 players.
  • One (1) Foil Promotional card for the winner of the RCQ event.
  • One (1) Qualification for the Regional Championship at SCG CON Washington, DC on October 4-6, 2024 for the winner of the RCQ event.

7. What if I have questions about Regional Championship events before Washington DC on October 4-6?

For questions regarding Regional Championship Dallas, please visit